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Do you know how to tape an inside corner with paper drywall tape? 

The way we do it by using two inch paper drywall tape. Most of our crews like to use a four inch knife for inside corners, although a five or a six inch knife works as well. The main reason we use four inchers is because it keeps the corners tighter and makes less mess. We also use thinned down all purpose or taping mud.


Drywall Mud Dallas Texas
Drywall Mud

A lot of DIY people want to just use the mud in the bucket, when they don’t realize that they will be working way harder to get the job done. It’s OK if you don’t have  a mixing drill and a paddle because all you have to do is pour some water into the bucket to thin out the mud. You can take a scrap piece of wood or anything else you have handy to mash it around the thin it down as best as you can. Thinning the mud down will make life a lot easier. You really don’t want to try and tape corners with mud, it’s way too thick for that. Another way you can thin out the mud is to put a little bit of water in the pan and just mix it around until the consistency gets thinner.

As you work with the mud and spreading it around it will start to spread into an even consistency. Work through the first couple of angles that may seem a little bit inconsistent to get it all evened out. 


Prefilled corners is very important because the tape will never sit right if the corners aren’t pre-filled. Check out our page on pre-filling to see all the details of how to prefill and why it’s so important. 


Once you are ready to tape a corner, the first thing you should recognize is that there is a crease in paper tape. The crease is important because you have to fold it so that it bridges the gap in the corners. 


The first thing you’re going to want to do is create a nice clean corner on your tape. The way you do this is to take your knife and hold it on top of the end of the tape roll and pull back towards you to tear the tape over the edge of the knife. This will give you a nice square corner on your tape.


Next, you want to cut it to length. What you will do is take the tape and measure across the length of the corner you are working with. You can install your tape over or under your corner beads, depending on how you like to do it.

If you install your corner beads first, then you’ll want to stop short with your tape ¼”-½” at each end. Once you get settled with the desired length, you can once again use your knife to tear the tape square. 


Once you have your tape at the right length, you will want to crease the tape and then set it to the side while you get the mud on. 


What we like to do is

Drywall Corner Tape
Drywall Corner

get the mud right on the edge of the knife so we can apply it evenly all the way down the corner.

You want to make sure you are taking off the excess, but also leaving enough of a layer of mud so your tape won’t be dry. The underside of a corner is a bit more awkward, so just work with it until you get that smooth, even layer and also make sure that you get mud into all of the gaps. You will also want to flatten out the mud to get the even consistency. 


Next, take the creased piece of tape that you have set aside and find the center and press the tape up into the corner. Once you have the tape in place and centered in the corner, you can take your knife and gently use the edge of the knife to press the tape into the groove of the corner. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to go over the tape with your knife, smoothing it down onto the drywall and mud. Do this gently and make sure mud is staying under the tape. You can start in the middle and gently work your way out to the corners of the wall.

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