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Ever wanted to know about drywall installation? 

With drywall installation, we always start by using the right products, the right tools and the right materials. 


The first material involved in a drywall installation project is of course, drywall. Drywall is essentially gypsum dust pressed between 2 big sheets of paper, that’s really about all there is to it.

Rotozip Drywall Tool

There are 2 types of edges on drywall. First, you have the factory edge and the other edge is a tapered edge. The idea with these edges is that when you put two of these tapered joints together, all you need is one paper tape joint, a fill coat and then a finish coat. This keeps it nice and simple and you always have a gorgeous joint for finish out. 

The key is that the more joints that you can have with the taper on them, the less work and the easier the job is to finish and the better the result will look. Every time you put two butt ends together, you have to go through another step of taping and another coat of application. Working with butt joints takes a little bit more skill to do it correctly and get a great result.

Drywall is pretty flexible and stout, but it really doesn’t have a lot of strength. For that reason, you don’t want to have too much space between the studs where you are hanging the drywall. You really need to make sure you have enough support behind a wall to hold drywall in place securely. In other words, you can’t just frame 24 inches on center and use regular drywall. Instead, you want to go with a 16 inch. 


Drywall tools are really pretty simple.

Klein Drywall Saw
Klein Drywall Saw

We use a cutting blade, drywall knives 2, 4, 8, and 12 inch. Tape measure, and a phillips head driver on a drill.

There are a few options for cutting drywall. Of course you have the standard drywall knife, which is a glorified razor blade. Another tool we use is the Rotozip, which works amazingly well to cut around contours, windows, outlets, and almost anything else. The last tool we would ever want to use is a drywall saw. I mean, too much elbow grease for that one, but some DIYers think it’s a great option and probably prove themselves wrong pretty quickly!


For screws, you really want to use with wider threads that are made for wood. Wood screws obviously grip into wood much better and won’t pop out.

Truper Drywall Taping Knife
Truper Drywall Taping Knife

Many people make the mistake of just buying screws without paying attention and they end up with metal screws that come with a much finer thread. These screws will appear to work just fine, but over a relatively short period of time, you’ll find that these metal thread screws tend to pop out, causing damage to your finish out. The metal drywall screws are meant for metal framing that we use more in commercial projects and some very large high-end homes. 

For the length of the screws, you want to take the thickness of the drywall board and multiply that number by 1.5, so for example on half inch board you have .5 x. 1.5 = .75. Then you take those two numbers .5 + .75 = 1.25 and that is the proper length of the screws.

In some commercial environments, we go a bit longer, but we always have to be careful that we are not screwing into any wiring or plumbing or anything like that.


When doing ceilings, we do a full inspection prior to closing it off. What we are looking for is proper insulation between heating runs and wiring. This is generally a code issue because it is a fire hazard if not properly insulated. We also take great care to prepare the lighting, HVAC vents, smoke detectors, etc so that we can cut through the drywall sheets with the Rotozip and get a great result. 


Walls are pretty simple, we have another page going into more depth on actual how to hang drywall.

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